You guys might have already got assumed what we are getting to reveal immediately up here, Yeah? Instagram & Facebook are those that help to realize traffic to your website. But interestingly Pinterest and Snapchat are the 2 more social platforms that provide more traffic to your website. If you’re taking our opinion we might say that utilize quite 2 social platforms because you never know where you’ll figure out a chance to drive traffic. Although, we will say that put Instagram on your priority list because today, the bulk of online visitors are hanging around Instagram. Inspect statistics up here. Instagram is 2nd most engaging network after Facebook with quite 60% of its users’ logs in to their account. Read on to know more about how to drive more traffic through social media. 

Facebook For More Traffic To Your Website

Facebook For More Traffic To Your Website

Facebook your major source of regular traffic because it naturally reaches many people. Although if you run ads you would possibly get more leads and traffic through it. Facebook gives you more placement options while you run ads. A number of the Facebook ads placement is Facebook desktop news feed, a Facebook mobile news feed, Facebook right column, Audience Network, Instant Articles and other.

Well, you get the choice to point out your ads to your Instagram visitors those are present on Facebook. The necessary thanks to getting traffic through Facebook is to create a fanatical community. There’s tons of Facebook community that are blooming organic leads in them. But to take care of these communities we’d like to possess an excellent system to interact and add relevant audience in them. Such as you got to establish an automatic system which is integrated into your paid ads campaign where you drive traffic to your website. 



Instagram has introduced a new feature that helps you to attract visitors through video contents. All you would like to try to create content around your audience and share them within the social media channels whether it’s an interview podcast or video interview. If it’s video content and it’s short and can’t be shared on Youtube then share it on IGTV. Just share your content and see how it creates a difference in your brand positioning. 


Snapchat – Apps on Google Play

If your audience age bracket may be a smaller amount than 35 then you’ll use Snapchat. Because it is a trending social platform among younger generation & it had been recently on high usage with its introduction of gender filter. There are paid ads option available in Snapchat which might be much lower while compared to advertising on Facebook or Instagram.

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