Instagram is one of the biggest and powerful social media networks on the market right now. It consists of over 1 billion active monthly users and 25million active business accounts. Hence, you can use this platform to connect and convert your ideal customer and client. Here are the 5 best Instagram marketing strategies for your small business. 

5 best Instagram marketing strategies for your small business

Optimize Your Bio

The very first thing you need to do when you’re getting started is to optimize your bio. Your Instagram bio is the header row, focus on profile visitors. You need to provide a brief description in your bio where it grabs the attention of people and brings out the traffic to your website.

Consequently, You need to use CTA (Call to action) and use words similar to “click here to visit our website” or “ click here to contact us.” And finally, don’t forget to add your website link in the bio.

Feed And Stories

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Instagram Stories allows users to post pictures and short videos to an album that fades after 24 hours. However, firms can use Instagram Stories in their marketing to increase their engagement, clarity, and content. But where Instagram feed stays evergreen in your profile and helps to reach more. To promote your business Instagram feed helps you to reach more people where you need to add visually consistent to generate interest.

Hash Tags

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Hashtags to draw new customers and improve your online presence. Hashtags help promote the filtering and development of related content. Users exploring a hashtag you’ve used can come over your account and engage, growing new followers and potential customers.


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 Influencer marketing is while companies partner with top content creators people with thousands or even millions of followers to promote their products or services to the content creator’s audience.

Paid promotions

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Instagram ads are meddling and less likely to irritate your targeted viewers. The engagement rate on Instagram is more powerful than the engagement rate on any other social media platform. You can easily combine the link of your website and sell your products directly.

These are the 5 strategies for small businesses so you can adequately use the floor to connect and convert your ideal customers and clients.

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