Starting a blog lately has become easy with platforms like WordPress. However, once it’s up and running, subsequent big challenge you’ve got is to drive more traffic to your blog or website. Don’t worry, you don’t get to be a marketing guru to drive traffic for your blog. you’ll easily increase your blog traffic to urge more visitors through content marketing. during this article, Event fashion shares you a number of the simplest and tested tips to extend your blog traffic like an expert marketer.

Drive traffic

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Add New Content Weekly

Regular activity on your blog allows you to accelerate your growth – the more content you’ve got, the larger your chances for ranking on multiple search results. Plus, as you begin establishing your presence, you’ll teach your audience to expect new content at a particular time.

If you can’t manage to write down new articles weekly, hire a content writer. Take a while to sketch out the right content tactics and use some sort of content calendar. Your content production shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Keep Your Content Up-To-Date

Oh, and another thing – if you would like to stay a relevant player in your niche – upgrade old content. Search engines like fresh and new content and upgrading may be a good way to spice up a page that’s almost ranking.

Add Infographics

Every solid piece of content is often pushed to excellent with the proper infographic that’s both educational and entertaining. Infographic on the way to increase website traffic. Eye-catching infographics drive site traffic because they will be used by other websites that publish content within the same niche – and they’re easily shareable.

Produce Video Content

Statistics show that marketers who use video grew revenue 49% faster than contents. Hence, 92% per cent of consumers say that visuals are the foremost influential think about their purchasing decisions.

Interview Leaders within the Industry

If you’re brainstorming content ideas, here’s one tip: you’d be amazed at what percentage big-names in your industry are going to be willing to interview if you only ask them. Therefore, send emails or contact industry leaders in your niche on social media and request an interview. Prepare thought-different topics and write this content on your website.

 Intern Link Your Articles

You see, the strength of your website isn’t determined solely by what percentage other websites link back to you. It also depends on your internal link structure. Interlink it together with your smaller existing pieces to form sure you provide a far better user experience and improve your site’s link structure. That way, you’ll let your readers stay on your site a little time longer, by adding ink of the second article.

Add Social Share Buttons

It’s not that search engines take under cause the quantity of consideration for your website is aged social media. But which will amplify the particular ranking factors, and adding social sharing buttons doesn’t cost you anything. Not attaching them to your website posts is your website dropping out on an immense opportunity to increase organic traffic.

Write knowledge domain Articles

When it involves content marketing, there’s something to be said about length. Article length is vital for several reasons. First of all, Google likes length. A survey found that lengthier content ranks higher in Google’s search results. The typical content length for an internet page that ranks within the top 10 results for any keyword on Google has a minimum of 2,000 words.

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