The goal of traditional marketing and online marketing is equivalent. To attract and drive visitors to promotion to buy the goods whereby it increases the business profit. Let’s have a look at the difference between the two methods.

Traditional Marketing

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 Traditional Marketing is hard to measure and you cannot identify how many people read your advertisement. Furthermore, you can’t identify how many took positive action upon viewing it. Hence, traditional marketing is not cost-effective and not so good for brand building.

Meanwhile some way, it interrupts normal activities of users such as television ads interrupt the program you are watching, signboards divert the locus of the driver, etc. It has a main disadvantage where the few inquiries remain unanswered as full information about the product may not be always possible to be print.

Online Marketing

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In Online Marketing you can know the number of people who viewed the online advertisement and the number of people who purchased the product and it is easily measurable. Online marketing is a fast and effective way for brand building and it is more cost-effective.

Hence, in online marketing users can visit online advertisements as by their comfort and preferences. Online marketing can afford maximum data about the product or assistance, offers, and transactions.

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