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Web Analytics or Online Analytics relates to the analysis of quantifiable and measurable data on your website to identify and optimize its usage.

Web analytics concentrates on multiple issues. For instance,

  • Detailed measurement of visitor data, and Affiliate or referral data.
  • Website navigation exemplars.
  • The number of traffic your website gained over a particular period.
  • Search engine data.

Web analytics increases the online experience for your clients and promotes your business possibilities. There are multiple Analytics tools accessible in the market. For instance, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Optimizely, etc.

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Types of Web Analytics

There are two types of analytics −

  • On-site − It holds the users’ behavior once it is on the website. For instance, It measures the speed of your website performance.
  • Off-site − It is the analysis irrespective of whether you own or manage a website. For example, the range of visibility, comments, potential audience, etc.

Metrics of Web Analytics

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There are three primary metrics of analytics 


The count is the most primary metric of measurement. It is described as a whole number or a fraction. For instance,

  • Amount of visitors = 12999, Number of likes = 3060, etc.
  • Total sales of merchandise = 54,396.18 Rs


The ratio is typically a sum divided by any other count. For instance, Page views per visit.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

KPI depends on the business model and policy. KPI differs from business to business.

Benefits Of Analytics

  • Ascertain Web Traffic
  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns
  • Better Page Quality

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