Worried about getting less engagement for your posts? Never worry about it any more Event Fashion brings you the best hacks for using Instagram hashtags. Read on to know more!

By including the right hashtags on your posts will get you high engagement for your posts than your normal post without hashtags. Using researched hashtags to attract new followers, get more likes, and boosts engagement on your posts. So, here are the 10 best hacks you need to follow for getting better engagements for your posts.

Note: You need to keep your Instagram account open to get more engagements and to stay visible for others while using hashtags. Private account posts will not be shown in open hashtags.

Here are the 10 best hacks for getting better engagements for your Instagram posts

Never forget to use the search function in your Instagram

Type a keyword that’s connected to your post into Instagram’s search bar then choose the Tags tab. Instagram will provide you a list of hashtags including that keyword and all the tagged posts with it.

A high number may indicate lots of people following that hashtag, but it also signifies about the high number of content on it and your posts might get lost. 

Never ignore the suggested hashtags

Don’t forget to use the suggested hashtags that Instagram display under the search bar while you search for the selected keyword. Hence, the relevant hashtags bring you a better engagement for your post by displaying your posts at the top.

Always use Instagram hashtags related to your post

Always use tags that relate to your post. For instance, here in this post, we have used tags for Imac and workspace at home. where it draws Imac fans and the people who need to construct their workspace like the same.

Hence, while using unrelated tags it irritates people which always ends up in mess.

Don’t use the same hashtag again and again

Instagram Hashtags

Don’t use the same tags for all the posts. Consequently, people can hide your post from the tags. Always use different tags to reach more people.

Use hashtags on your stories 

Add hashtags to your stories for better engagement and story views. It helps to increase your profile traffic by highlighting your story on the relevant hashtag page.

By using tags in your post, you can reveal your posts to a large audience.

Hide your hashtags in stories

Instagram Hashtags

 Always it sucks to see something that interrupts your content on Instagram stories. It’s simple to hide the tags from stories. Just adjust your tag size by dragging on its edges and cover the tags using stickers from Instagram. 

Why not learn from the best?

Use hashtags that famous people in your industry are using. Hence, it’s the best way to learn from the best people from the relevant field.

Add some hashtags to your old posts

Don’t forget to add some hashtags for your old post. Where it results in reaching high engagement for your old posts.

Always learn by experimenting with new Instagram hashtags

Experiment with a mixture of popular and niche hashtags to find your picture in the top among thousands. Experiments help you to work on finding trending tags that can get you high engagements.

Check your engagements for your posts regularly

Instagram Hashtags

There is an option to check your engagements for your post. It helps you to track the engagements and helps us to know how to improve in a better way.

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